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Have you heard of Tigran Petrosian?

Before his chess career, Tigran Petrosian was a street cleaner. Chess helped him to improve his life. He was the World Chess Champion from 1963 to 1969.

Course curriculum

Designed for self learning

    1. How Chess Pieces Move

    2. Pawn

    3. Knight

    4. The Bishop

    5. The Rook

    6. The Queen

    7. The King

    8. Checkmating with Rooks

    9. Checkmate With Rook and King

    10. Checkmate With Queen and King

    11. En passant

    12. Sample Game Of Winning With En Passant

    13. Opening Tips

    14. Fight For The Centre Of The Board

    1. Two Moves Checkmate

    2. Four Moves Checkmate

    3. Defending Against Scholar's Mate

    4. The Lone Bishop Mate

    5. The Smothered Mate

    6. The Legal Trap

    7. The Delayed Suicide Mate

    8. The Blackburne Shilling Gambit

    9. A Thunder From A Clear Sky

    10. Copy Cat Game

    11. Checkmate in 2

    1. 6.Intro To Miniatures

    2. 6.0 Paul Morphy vs Duke Karl / Count Isouard Paris 1858

    3. 6.2 Queen's Adventures

    4. 6.3 Grob Attack Garcia vs Marques Cullera 2006

    5. 6.4 Gibald vs Lapard

    6. 6.5 M Meyer vs D Newcomb Los Angeles 1952

    7. 6.6 Krejcik vs NN

    8. 6.7 Gibaud vs Lapard Paris 1924

    9. 6.9 Bogoljubov E vs Andersen Prague 1931

    10. 6.8 Gioachino Greco vs NN Rome 1620

    11. 6.10 Stevenson vs S Mariotti Nottingham 1868

    12. 6.11 Essery vs Warren England 1912

    13. 6.12 Rudolf L'Hermet vs Hagemann Magdeburg 1888

    14. 6.13 Joseph Henry Blake vs Hooke London 1891

    15. 6.14 Barney vs Mccrum Dayton 1969

    16. 6.15 Warren vs Bill Wall North Carolina 1975

    17. 6.16 Fernandez vs Jose 1996

    18. 6.16 Konstantin Chernyshov vs Andrzej Lesiak URS 1969

    19. 6.17 Berthold Bartsch vs Jennen Germany 1948

    20. 6.19 Shoup vs Marshall F Sioux City1906

    21. 6.21 Brause vs N.N 1997 ICC

    22. 6.22 Eric Staak vs A Fereday Adelaide 2010

    23. 6.23 Muhlock vs Borislav Kostic Koln 1912

    24. 6.24 Gavin Haydn vs Eric Staak Adelaide 2009

    25. 6.25 Budapest Defense Line

    26. 6.26 Fidlow vs Busic USA 1952

    27. 6.27 Tapio Helin vs Jyrki Kiltti Hyvinkaa 1996

    28. 6.28 Gioachino Greco vs NN Europe 1620

    29. 6.29 Rusakov vs Verlinsky Moscow 1947

    30. 6 30 Stevenson vs Day Correspondence game 1944

    31. 6.31 Bernhard Fleissig vs Carl Schlechter Vienna 1893

    32. 6.32 Deep Blue (Computer) vs Garry Kasparov: New York 1997

    33. 6.1 Schulder vs Boden London 1860

    34. 4. How To Evaluate A Chess Posiiton

    1. The Italian Game

    2. 2 Captain W D Evans vs Alexander McDonnell: London 1825

    3. Paul Morphy vs Alonzo Morphy: New Orleans 1849

    4. Paul Morphy vs Ernest Morphy: New Orleans 1850

    5. Adolf Anderssen vs Jean Dufresne: Berlin 1852

    6. Georges Koltanowski vs Day: San Francisco, Simul blind 1960

    7. Dr Bowdler vs Henry Seymour Conway: Europe 1788


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Chess Improvement Plan

Future Chess Masters

As a new chess player, it’s essential to become familiar with the most critical situations you’re likely to encounter at the board.

You will learn to build up “pattern recognition” by examining the most common tactics, checkmate patterns and opening traps.

Once you have this foundation, you will proceed to learn more complex game like attack on the opponent’s weakest square.

You’ll be absorbing the very best attacking ideas from legends such as Paul Morphy, Alexander Alekhine, Mikhail Tal, Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov.

These ideas and games are so memorable, you’ll be ready to employ them in your own games whenever the opportunity arises.


About the Author:

Mato Jelic is one of the most popular chess presenters and teachers, who mainly focuses on helping beginners at reaching new heights and advancing at chess. His lessons are simple and effective – and thousands of novices are swarming to them for chess tips.


What Did other say about Mato

Mato Jelic has improved my chess skills to such an extent that it can only be described... Poetically. For example, i would say that Mato’s chess school subtly teaches me deep appreciation for chess game. Over the years there were great improvements to my chess skills, tactics and increased depth or amount of moves that i can calculate efficiently. Such improvements, in my opinion, can be attributed mostly to Mato’s own, personal fascination with chess. And hence his ability to analyse and carefully word-out complex chess ideas for us in a manner that is most comprehensive and as much entertaining.




Mato is the #1 chess publisher of all time. It’s that simple. Best pace, best voice, best sense of humour. There is no better way to understand the intricacies and tactics of chess than learning from Mato. He has a knack for understanding how people understand

Hristo Petroff



Thank you, Mato! Your lectures have helped me a lot. They are not just chess lectures, there is a lot of life wisdom too. And they are very entertaining as well due to your natural sense of humour. A funny story: one day i skipped watching your video and my girlfriend said: " and where is Mato? ... I am so much used to hear his voice that it feels he is already part of our family " :)) keep the good work!

Lyndon b from Dubai


Greetings from Dubai


I’m a hobby player but my ranking has always been between 1500-1550 for a long time.

I’ve been following your games almost every day on YouTube and my chess mind has improved a lot!

My online ranking as of yesterday is 2010.

Thank you, sir!

Lyndon B


How is this course going to help me?

With your knowledge built up, this chess course will show you how to develop the skills you need for success at the chessboard. You’ll learn how to look at a position, evaluate it, find weaknesses and construct a winning plan.

This is a complete chess improvement plan to help you become stronger in every single aspect of the game.

You’ll discover the unique elements of strong endgame play – a key area for getting the full point in tournaments and one often overlooked by chess students.


With 14 hours of brilliant instructive content in this chess improvement plan, FUTURE CHES MASTER gives you everything you need to make serious gains in your chess!